About us

The Federation of the German Export Trade (Bundesverband des Deutschen Exporthandels e.V.) is one of the head Organisations of German export business. Its members are the international trading companies in Germany with their special interests in the export sector. The companies are organised in seven regional and one product professional association covering about 850 companies throughout Germany.

The main objective of the Federation is aimed at the exchange of Information, supporting the interests of the export trading companies and promoting their relations with their overseas customers.

An important part of the Federations work is devoted to inform about purchasing facilities in Germany available to interested parties outside this country. Providing detailed information on the specialisation of the member companies as well as export markets and customers abroad is the intention of the Federation. Furthermore, the Federation is providing detailed information about the functions and services of its member companies.

The Federation has its headquarter in Berlin and regional offices in the regional member associations. – The Federation is member of EUROCOMMERCE, the Brussels located European Head Organisation of international trading companies. Through the German Government and the European Commission the Federation and its European organisation of international trading houses are promoting a liberal system of free world-wide markets.